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Nobody Watches Season 2

Episode 5-Producer, host, editor

This is our final episode of the season. Thank you for joining us and we will be returning in the Fall for Season 3!

Episode 4-Producer, host, editor

Get that popcorn popping, because in this installment of Nobody's favorite Television show, we have a dating guru come on board to give some dating advice to any of you singles out there. Bruno helps crack another case, while the weird hatted fellow leaves us in one of Television's least talked about cliffhangers. Will you watch? Please do... we are desperate.

Episode 3-Producer, host, editor

In this episode, we decide that we could all use a laugh. We got a REAL clown to come, Dan warns us about the many apocalypses that are upon us, the man with a bat upgrades to a gun and Gene is now a clown, even more so than we all thought. Nobody may watch, but that doesn't mean we still won't try.

Episode 2-Producer, host, editor

In this episode, we have a very intriguing interview with an ACTUAL animal expert, Dan doesn't know how to tell time, there is a man with a baseball bat, Gene is deathly allergic to the feline, and we found out that Portals aren't cheap or safe, but let's be honest, Nobody reads this

Episode 1-Producer, host, editor

We are back for another season. With even more content for nobody to watch. We introduce Dan and his big words, plus who is Paulie? Find out by watching a brand new episode of Nobody Watches... or not, because Nobody Watches anyway

Nobody Watches Season 1

Episode 3-Producer, host, editor

Host Josh Bittick is joined by a very special guest in this season's Spooky Special, Meteorologist Gale Hailstorm previews the spooky forecast, and Gene talks Halloween.

Episode 2-Producer, host, editor

Joined by comedian Gene Boyte, Josh talks about the importance of food.

Episode 1-Producer, host, editor

A loose talk show adopting a "late-night" formula to represent the "weird" of CMU broadcasting.

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